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$1 Million Raised LIVE On Ustream.TV For Troops

Well, we did it thanks to thousands around the country!

Ustream.TV in partnership with and was able to raise over $1 million during the 8 hour stream-a-thon LIVE.

The list of conserative voices was pretty lengthy from Rush Limbaugh, to Sean Hannity, to Ollie North, to John Bolton. And that only just touches on a few…

The fundraiser was to raise money to send our troops overseas the world’s largest care package before July 4th. As a former Army officer, I know the affect care packages can have on our troops morale, so we were honored to support this effort.

To continue the donations, please visit to donate. Thanks to everyone in the Ustream community who donated! Post a comment to show your support for our men and women serving overseas!

Obama Claims Democratic Nomination LIVE On Ustream


Wow. The race for the Democratic nomination was exciting, controversial, hard fought, and a tremendous demonstration of Democracy in action. And we saw the finale live on Ustream.

Last night I watched Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama celebrate victory as the nominee for the Democratic Party. The speech was powerful.

Watch it here if you missed it.
Broadcast by Ustream.TV

Anyone else excited for 5 more months! 😛

As I have mentioned several times before, Senator John McCain is a Ustreamer as well. I’m excited to see how this race plays out and hopefully the candidates continue to embrace new media, open dialogue and Ustream.TV.Get out to vote, its your civic duty.


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