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Netroots: Clark, Pelosi, Dean To Speak Live

Over the last few years, the internet has become a widely used tool within the political landscape.  Moreover, the VOICE of the internet has risen as powerful force in shaping the direction of this country.

When Ustream.TV launched in early 2007, we had the opportunity to broadcast live a 3-day event at the time known as the YearlyKos.  This group of “grassroots, hardcore bloggers” met in Chicago to discuss the issues of the day affecting our country and the world.  It’s impact was powerful.  It was such a success that it garnered the attention of the Democratic party’s most influential, culminating in a live presidential debate with all the Democratic Presidential candidates.

Well, its a new year and they have a new name.  Netroots Nation, founded in 2006, will be broadcasting live on Ustream this weekend its 3rd annual conference from Austin TX.  Broadcasts start Thursday and go through Sunday.

The list of speakers is pretty impressive: General Wesley Clark (a member of the Ustream advisory board), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Governor Howard Dean.

We will have wall to wall coverage of the event with 5-6 different feeds of all the breakout sessions.  You can see a full list of the speakers here:

For all the different feeds, check out the Netroots/Ustream pages below:

Sen. Barack Obama Live Wed 11am MDT

Sen. Barack Obama LIVE

The political season is heating up and is right in the middle of it!  We have seen broadcasts from members on both sides of the aisle over the last year and you will continue to see major political events take place live right here.  Two more major streams are happening this week.

Fred Thompson will broadcast tomorrow at 10am EDT/7am PDT in partnership with  You can view the live video here:

Presidential Senator Barack Obama will continue his series of live broadcasts today at 11am MDT (1pm EDT/10 am PDT) in a rally titled: “The Call To Service.”

As always you can view the live video and follow the campaign on the Senator’s Official Ustream Channel Page:

If you missed Senator Obama’s most recent speech live on Ustream, definitely check it out:

I’d like to hear your thoughts on who you are supporting this election.  You are going to vote right?  Post your candidate of choice and WHY in the comments section below…VOTE PEOPLE!

Ustream Destroys The Competition

This past weekend we were challenged to the most intense sport of all. A sport which many an athlete fail to engage in out of pure horror. A sport meant for the strong, tough, and dedicated.

This past weekend, we played kickball.

Oh yes, we played, and we played well. After analyzing the rules and creating a strategy, we went out there and won. Research, plan, execute. Simple.

Here we are in all our glory.

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