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Pentagon Channel Adds Ustream to its Social Media Offerings

Ustream is adding another great content partner to its roster with the addition of The Pentagon. The Pentagon and Department of Defense have started a Ustream channel to provide military news and information for armed servicemen and their families. For civilians, it will offer an unprecedented opportunity to understand the role of the Department of Defense at home and abroad. The channel will broadcast a mix of military programming, including Department of Defense news briefings, military news, interviews with top DOD officials, short stories about the work of the military, and other programming.

Brian Natwick, general manager of the Pentagon Channel said, “We are delighted to add Ustream to our arsenal of Social Media distribution. For the first time servicemembers from all over can connect with each other while watching the channel any day, any time, 24/7.”

Be sure to tune in to the Pentagon Channel here, and go check out the newly launched Department of Defense’s website!

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