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Events for the Week of 10/18

She & Him live Chat
Monday, 10/18 at 1pm PT
Tune in here for a Q&A with Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward of She & Him. They’ll be answering live questions about their music, chatting about inspiration, and even give away free downloads of their music! [clear here]

Guitar Lessons with The Word Alive
Monday, 10/18 at 4pm PT
Tune in here to join Zack from The Word Alive as he sits down for a guitar lesson with listeners! Aspiring musicians and rock stars definitely won’t want to miss this! [clear here]

EA Sports MMA Launch Party
Monday, 10/18 at 6pm PT
Join reps from EA Sports for a live demo and Q&A. You’ll get to chat live with the guys who developed the game and discuss highlights and what to expect in the new release. Watch it here. [clear here]

Greenpeace Submarine Detective
Monday, 10/18 and Wednesday, 10/20 at 8pm PT
Join Greenpeace USA for a live discussion on the real impact of the gulf oil spill. Scientists have sent submarines deep into the Gulf to survey the damage, and they’ll be sharing their findings and taking live questions from viewers in this 2-part broadcast here. [clear here]

This Week in Mad Men
Monday, 10/18 at 7:15pm PT
Have a Mad Men-shaped hole in your heart after Sunday’s riveting season finale? Join fellow Mad Men junkies (enthusiasts, as they like to be called) for a live discussion right here. Because we all need a little closure. [clear here]

Eve Pearl Live Makeup Demo
Tuesday, 10/19 at 2pm PT
Join makeup guru Eve Pearl for another live demonstration from her channel page here. Whether you’re an expert on the ways of the makeup brush or don’t have any idea what “primer” is for, you’ll be sure to pick up some new tips and pointers right here. [clear here]

Allstar Weekend
Tuesday, 10/19 at 4pm PT
Get a live sneek peak at Allstar Weekend’s new album on the day it hits stores! The band wanted to share the album with Ustream fans and give them a special ‘listening party’ so be sure to tune in here. [clear here]

Live chat with Dee Snider and Mick Jones
Tuesday, 10/19 at 7:30pm PT
Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Mick Jones of Foreigner are going LIVE from Broadway! Tune in here for the first of Dee Snider’s Rock Senate Hearings from Rock of Ages Broadway. [clear here]

Condoleezza Rice Book Signing
Tuesday, 10/19 at 9:30pm PT
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be at the Reagan Library to discuss and sign copies of her two memoirs, Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family and Condoleezza Rice: A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me. Tune in here. [clear here]

Zappos Insights Live
Wednesday, 10/20 at 12pm PT
The Zappos Family will be holding an All Hands Meeting and would like to share it with the world! So tune in for a behind-the-scenes look at Zappos and their philosophy of ‘Delivering Happiness.’ Watch here. [clear here]

PAC-10 Announcement
Thursday, 10/21 at 11:30am PT
Tune in here for the highly anticipated live PAC-10 (soon to be PAC-12!) Announcement and Press Conference. [clear here]

Why Fair Trade?
Thursday, 10/21 at 1pm PT
Join Fair Trade USA and resident coffee aficionado “Coffee Nate” for a live online conversation about the hardships faced by coffee farmers in Africa and Latin America and how sales of Fair Trade Certified coffee in North America are helping support these farming communities. Tune in here . [clear here]

Drake Bell Live Chat
Thursday, 10/21 at 3pm PT
Drake has been acting all his life, starting with a stint on Home Improvement and in the film Jerry McGuire. He learned to play guitar while on a movie set with The Who’s Roger Daltrey and a new passion was born. His show on Nickelodeon showcases his acting AND singing/songwriting talents. Join him for a live chat here. [clear here]