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Election Night 2010 and Other Events for the Week of 11/1

Election 2010 Tuesday, 11/2

Ustream has you covered on Election Night, from up-to-the-minute coverage by the political experts at PBS NewsHour to live coverage with CBS News anchor Katie Couric.  If you’re interested in local politics, you might want to check out Ventura County’s election coverage here, or ASU TV’s coverage (from a student perspective) right here. [clear here]

Elvis Costello, Monday 11/1 at 5:30pm PT

On the eve of his new album release ‘National Ransom’, see Elvis Costello and his 6-piece band The Sugarcanes perform live from The Greene Space in NYC on his official channel page here. [clear here]

Mayer Hawthorne, Monday 11/1 at 6:30pm PT

Tune in for a live Q&A with artist Mayer Hawthorne from his tour bus! He’s currently on the Mazda2 Music Tour and will be answering fan questions about life on the road, his music, and more! Check it out here. [clear here]

Crimefighters Webcast, Monday 11/1 at 7:30pm PT

Join the television academy for an evening with famous TV cops about their careers, the stories behind their current series, and how crime shows on TV have changed over the years. Fans of TV crime dramas won’t want to miss this one right here! [clear here]

Elle Magazine Chat with Emily Dougherty, Wednesday, 11/3 at 10am PT

Put your best face (and body) forward with advice from Elle’s Beauty and Fitness director Emily Dougherty. Ask your questions live in the social stream and tune in here. [clear here]

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch, Wednesday, 11/3

The final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to see it leave the Kennedy Space station in Florida for the last time. This marks the end of an era for space travel, so tell your friends and show your support by tuning in here. [clear here]

Sears Chef Challenge, Thursday, 11/4 at 6pm PT

Watch chefs go head-to-head for the Semi Final round of the Sears Chef challenge. Cooking skills will be put to the test, and the pressure will boil over (literally) in this highly competitive live event. Watch it here. [clear here]

Good and Fair Boxers March, Saturday, 11/6 at 9am PT

Join Fair Trade USA for a special broadcast to celebrate Fair Trade Certified Apparel being available in the US! A group of citizens in Austin will march through the streets in their fair trade boxers to spread the word, so tune in here to see it! [clear here]