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Ustream Sets a Guiness World Record for “Most content ingested by an online video service”

Bust out the champagne! Ustream just broke a World Record!!

From the Guiness World Records Site:

“The most content ingested by an online video service is an average of 70.49 hours per minute, achieved by Ustream, as verified on 29 June 2011.

This average figure is based on a total of 37.05 million hours of content ingested by Ustream in the 12 month period of June 2010 to May 2011. Peak content ingestion was in May 2011, with 3.721 million hours ingested, or 83.36 hours per minute. This is close to double that of YouTube, which announced on its 6th birthday in May 2011 that its users upload 48 hours of content onto the site per minute.”

John Ham, our CEO and Founder, had this to say: “Achieving this Guinness World Record is an amazing milestone for Ustream. Much of our success is procured by our dedicated broadcasters and viewers who enjoy sharing LIVE content with the world. As users broadcast more memorable moments on Ustream, we look forward to touching more lives and making more records.”

Events Calendar for the Week of 6/27

David Guetta Billboard Chat from the Ustream Studio!
Tuesday, 6/28 at 1pm PT
We’re super-psyched to be hosting the first ever Ustream Studio event with super-producer/DJ David Guetta! The 30 minute chat hosted by our friends at Billboard will give him a chance to answer questions from the fans. Be sure to RSVP to receive an alert before the chat starts!

American Idol Live Chat

Tuesday, 6/28 at 4pm PT
Watch a chat with the stars of the American Idols Live tour! Tweet your questions to #Idolslive.

Other Events This Week on Ustream:

Fresh Hell
Monday, 6/27 at 8pm PT
Chat live with Brent Spiner (Star Trek The Next Generation) about his new webseries “Fresh Hell.” The series explores what it’s like for Brent as he tries to get his acting career back on track post-Star Trek. [clear here]

Golden Boy Mayweather vs. Ortiz Press Tour
Tuesday, 6/28 at 12pm PT and Wednesday, 6/29 at 7:30pm PT
See two live press conferences announcing the upcoming highly anticipated match up between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz on September 17th. The fight is expected to be one of the most promoted events ever for Golden Boy Boxing. [clear here]

BloodRayne: The Third Reich – Live Chat With Uwe Boll & Natassia Malthe
Tuesday, 6/28 at 4pm PT
Chat live with the Director and star of Bloodrayne: The Third Reich. This new action-adventure horror film based on the popular video game is set in Europe in 1943 and involves vampire Nazis. Need we say more? [clear here]

EA Sports: SSX Community Event – Race it, Trick it, Survive it Demo
Wednesday, 6/29 at 11am PT
Tune in for a live demo from EA Canada of SSX, the game that earned EA and impressive 7 E3 Awards! Viewers can look forward to Producer Todd Batty demoing three tracks, an exclusive reveal of the next SSX Character, and live Q&A from SSX fans and the Ustream channel! [clear here]

Bravo: Watch What Happens Live
Thursday, 6/30 at 8:30am PT, and 8:30pm PT
Tune in for two episodes of Watch What Happens Live: Andy’s After Show on Thursday! [clear here]

Ask Roy Live
Thursday, 6/30 at 6:20pm PT
Chelsea Handler’s brother Roy is opening up the floor to user-submitted questions once a week. During his hour-long Ustream show, viewers can tune in and ask him anything from how he likes his steak cooked to his daily rate for Catsitting services. [clear here]

Heavy MMA Live from UFC 132
Saturday, 7/2 at 3pm PT
Stoked for the Faber/Cruz fight on Saturday? Be sure to check out Heavy MMA’s coverage of of the pre-fight madness for free! [clear here]

UFC 132 Cruz v. Faber
Pre-Presser: Thursday, 6/29 at 1pm PT
Weigh-In: Friday, 7/1 at 4pm PT
Fight! Saturday, 7/2 at 6pm PT

[clear here]

Learning Annex Events for the Week of 6/27

[clear here]

Tuesday, 6/28 at 11:20am PT

[clear here]

Tuesday, 6/28 at 10:40am PT

[clear here]

Wednesday, 6/29 at 2pm PT

Love Letters for the Decorah Eagles

Since becoming the most watched live stream of all time, the Decorah Eagles have amassed millions of fans and supporters who have seen them through every step in their development –from the first pip to the first fledge. This group of “eagleholics” have sent thousands of letters to the man behind the cam: conservationist and Executive director of the Raptor Resource Project Bob Anderson. He has been forwarding some of these touching tributes to us at Ustream HQ and we were so deeply moved by the stories shared within them that we put together a short video showcasing some of the best examples (and a few familiar Ustream faces). Check it out below!

[clear here]

Some viewers are even turning to poetry to express their undying devotion to the Decorah Eagles! Check out this poem by self-professed “Eagleholic” Christine:


I saw an eagle in the sky,
With wings spread out as it flew by.

I heard a squawk, so loud a sound,
I stared way up from on the ground.

It soared way up and then descended,
Until the sound had finally ended.

I saw it dive into the lake,
A fish from it the Eagle did take.

A flapping of wings and it went to the trees,
Perhaps for young Eaglets to please.

If only I could have seen the show,
Of Eaglets so pleased with parents aglow.
Our Eaglets grew from eggs to juveniles
Right before our eyes, we were all full of smiles.

They ate, slept, and played as most young do
As we watched and heard every squawk and coo.

On the 16th of June, a flutter of wings and the three Eaglets flew.
To the branch that Mom and Dad always went to.

What a blessing we were given, To be witness to such.
From a dedicated scholar who has taught us so much.

We are luckier than most cause we could see,
Our wonderful Decorah Eagle family.

Bob gave us a window, the Eagles gave us light.
Nature in its reality, beauty and delight,
Have kept us glued to the wonders of this site.

The story’s not ended, for someday soon I’ll try
To see an eagle in the sky,
With wings spread out as it flies by!
(And it just might be E1, or E2, or E3!)

[clear here]

We’ll miss the eagles when they leave the comfort and safety of their nest for the final time, but at least we’ll have the memories…and a ton of other animal cams on Ustream to check out and get obsessed with! More on that later…

Weekly Events Calendar, 6/20

Trey Songz
Monday, 6/20 at 7pm PT
Trey needs your help to secure his 2011 “Viewer’s Choice” win at the BET Awards, so he’s going live to rally his fans! [clear here]

EA Sports NCAA Football Demo
Tuesday, 6/21 at 10am PT
Check out another sneak peek with the designers and engineers at EA Sports. [clear here]

PRO-Keds Contest
Tuesday-Friday at 1pm PT
PRO-Keds teamed up with hip-hop legend Biz Markie to create a limited edition pair of shoes, and they’re giving them away live on Ustream! [clear here]

PGA Tour Live
Tuesday, 6/21 and Wednesday, 6/22
Catch a series of live post-game press conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday with Rickie Fowler, Scott Verplank, Bubba Watson, Jim Furyk, and Geoff Ogilvy! [clear here]

WhoWhatWear LOFT Live Chat
Tuesday, 6/21 at 1pm PT
Join fashion/lifestyle editors and founders of the popular site Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr to talk fashion! [clear here]

Your 21 Day Bikini Body Makeover Plan with Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters
Tuesday, 6/21 at 2pm PT
Get down with trainer to the stars Valerie Waters as she shares tips + tricks for slimming down in a shockingly-fast 21 days. [clear here]

Fleischer’s Universe with Marilyn Manson
Tuesday, 6/21 at 8pm PT
The elusive Marilyn Manson has granted an interview to the one-and-only Charles Fleischer, of Fleischer’s Universe. Tune in to find out what happens! [clear here]

Chairman Bernanke’s FOMC Press Conference

Wednesday, 6/22 at 11:15am PT
Join Chairman Ben Bernanke for his second historic press conference for the Federal Open Market Committee live on Ustream. [clear here]

American Idol Chat
Wednesday, 6/23 at 3:30pm PT
Chat with your Top 11 Idols live from their tour rehearsals, and tweet your questions to #IdolsLive! [clear here]

Troopathon 2011 “Remember Their Sacrifice”
Thursday, 6/24 at 1pm PT
The annual Troopathon is on Ustream again this year, and thousands will gather (online and in person) to honor and remember our troops and their sacrifices. [clear here]

Adam Carolla FREE Episode
Thursday, 6/24 at 5pm PT
Been wanting to check out an episode of the popular Adam Carolla Show on Ustream? Now is your chance to see what you’ve been missing and watch a FREE episode with NPR’s Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia. [clear here]

Bravo Watch What Happens Live
Thursday, 6/24 at 8:30pm PT
Tune in for the first in a series of BRAVO after-shows aimed at the fans who just can’t get enough of their favorite shows! [clear here]

G Series FIT with Josh Crosby
Friday, 6/25 at 11am PT
See another G Series FIT chat with fitness expert and super athlete Josh Crosby and ask him your questions about staying healthy!

Bon Jovi Gets ‘Slippery When Wet’ on Ustream!

[clear here]

It’s official! Bon Jovi will be Ustreaming the first 30 minutes of their set from Munich’s Olympic Stadium on Saturday, June 12th! Which means all those countless hours spent practicing your karaoke skills to “Livin’ on a Prayer” weren’t in vain, my friends. You can RSVP for the event on their official channel page here and start planning your Bon Jovi theme parties now!

And just for fun, here are what I think are the top 5 Bon Jovi songs of all time…feel free to disagree with me STRONGLY in the comments.

You Give Love a Bad Name
Wanted Dead or Alive
Livin’ on a Prayer
It’s My Life
Slippery When Wet (duh!)

Weekly Events Calendar 6/6

E3 On Ustream!
This week is chock full of E3 goodness (yum, tastes good). From GameSpot’s daily coverage of presentations by all the heavy-hitters including Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and more to EA Sports and EA’s coverage of their own keynotes, you’ll have all the live action you could ever need on the following channels:

GameSpot E3 Press Conferences | Monday, 6/6 – Thursday 6/9

EA Sports Live from E3 | Monday, 6/6 at 1:30pm PT

EA Battlefield 3 Live from E3 | Tuesday, 6/7 at 1:15pm PT

Buzz Out Loud E3 Coverage | Tuesday, 6/7 at 10:30am PT [clear here]

Internet Week NY
Monday, 6/6 – Thursday 6/9
Come celebrate New York’s thriving Internet industry and community with 4 days of keynotes, panels, and discussions with industry leaders. Topics include everything from Mobile Engagement 101 to digital archaeology. The event will be live until Thursday on three different channels, so check them out for detailed schedules.

HQ Classroom | AOL Stage | HQ Content[clear here]

Billboard Chats
Monday 6/6 and Wednesday 6/8
Billboard brings you exclusive access to your favorite artists from their offices in NYC! Here are the chats going on this week:
Monday: Q&A with rapper Wiz Khalifa at 9am PT, and Country singer Jason Aldean at 1:30pm PT.
Wednesday: Live Q&A with Nick Jonas at 2pm PT! [clear here]

Atlantic Records
Monday, 6/6 at 1:30pm PT
Atlantic Records will be going live from their offices for an in-studio performance by Hamilton Park. [clear here]

Jay Sean
Monday, 6/6 at 2:30pm PT
Join Jay Sean as he debuts his new video for his song “Where Do We Go?” for fans on Ustream! [clear here]

Tech N9ne
Monday, 6/6 at 8pm PT
Join rapper Tech N9ne for his best Ustream yet! He’ll be debuting his new studio album “All 6’s And 7’s” before it hits shelves on Tuesday and answering fan questions live. [clear here]

Nordstrom Toms Shoes Product Reveal
Tuesday, 6/7 at 10am PT
Join Nordstrom’s location at The Grove for the unveiling/opening of the new, never-before-seen Toms Shoes styles. [clear here]

Peter Tosh- Legacy
Tuesday, 6/7 at 3pm PT
Join fellow fans to commemorate the re-release of Peter Tosh’s first two solo albums, “Legalize It: Legacy Edition,” and “Equal Rights: Legacy Edition.” Both of the re-released albums contain new tracks and new essays from Reggae scholars. [clear here]

G Series FIT
Friday, 6/10 at 11am PT
Join Gatorade G Series for another chat with an athlete/fitness expert.  Todd Durkin (the man responsible for keeping Tom Brady in tip-top shape) will be answering your questions about working out and staying healthy! [clear here]

Girls Who Rock 2011 Benefit Concert
Friday, 6/10 at 5:30pm PT
GIRLS WHO ROCK is an annual concert in NYC that aims to bring together the strongest voices in technology, entertainment, and design to advocate and fundraise for girls’ education worldwide. Performers include JoJo, Nina Sky, Eddy, KimberlyNichole, and more! [clear here]

Ebay Warren Buffett Auction Countdown
Friday, 6/10 at 7:10pm PT
Watch as rich people bid on the chance to have lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett. How high can the bids go? Hopefully pretty high, because the proceeds will go towards GLIDE, a non-profit that assists some of San Francisco’s poorest residents. [clear here]

AIDS/Lifecycle Closing Ceremonies
Saturday, 6/11 at 11:30am PT
Join the participants from the 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles as they reach the finish line and celebrate their accomplishment. Their aim is to raise awareness about AIDS and demonstrate that much work still needs to be done to end the pandemic. [clear here]

NFL Pro Players “A Night to Support Our US Troops” Concert
Saturday, 6/11 at 5:30pm PT
Free Reign is no ordinary metal band. Their members consist of two Dallas Cowboys players (singer Marc Colombo and bassist Leonard Davis) and a player from the Miami Dolphins (drummer Cory Procter). They’ll be Ustreaming their concert to support our US Troops–with free admission being given to all with a military ID and free copies of the band’s latest album. Come celebrate a good cause and rock out on Saturday! [clear here]

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