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Weekly Events Calendar 10/17

Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ with Coldplay
Tues. 10/18 at 7:30a PT/11:30a ET
Join KROQ’s Kevin & Bean from the Kevin & Bean Morning Show as they host a live “breakfast” and performance with Coldplay! West Coasters, we promise this one will be worth waking up for! Be sure to RSVP so you get an alert when they go live! [clear here]

Ocean Spray “Ask Ming” Live Q&A
Tues. 10/18 at 9:30a PT/12:30p ET
What’s a cranberry bog doing in NYC? Chef Ming Tsai will answer user-submitted questions from inside the cranberry-tastic Ocean Spray pop-up about anything from his recipe recommendations to cooking tips. You can submit questions with #askMing! [clear here]

Justin Bieber Chat & Video Premiere
Tues. 10/18 at 4:54p PT/7:54p ET
I smile, you smile…because The Biebs is coming back to Ustream! After a too-long hiatus (you can catch up on his past Ustreams here) he’s going live with MTV to chat with fans and debut the video for his new song, Mistletoe. [clear here]

Trey Songz Chat
Tues. 10/18 at 6p PT/9p ET
Trey Songz is going live again to chat with fans about his upcoming mixtape, “Anticipation II.” Be sure to join his crowd (it’s still the biggest on Ustream) so that you get alerts every time Mr. Steal Yo Girl goes live! [clear here]

Fair Trade USA: Every Meal Matters
Wed. 10/19 at 1p PT/4p ET
Join Fair Trade USA for a special live show that explains why every purchase and every meal matters. When you buy Fair Trade Certified goods you are making a choice that means quality products, improved lives and environmental protection. Learn more during the live show! [clear here]

TLA: Digital Video: Where it’s Heading and How it Will Change the Online Space
Wed. 10/19 4p PT/7p ET
The Learning Annex presents a class that will help businesses and individuals understand and predict the role of digital video in the marketing and advertising world. From sizzle reels to live streaming, digital video has profoundly changed the online landscape, and will continue to do so! [clear here]

Portugal. The Man Lomography Event
Wed. 10/19 at 4:30p PT/7:30p ET
The band Portugal. The Man will be going live from the Lomography gallery to announce the winner of their Nature competition! They asked fans to capture images that convey the bounty and beauty of nature using Lomography cameras, and will be unveiling the winners in a live broadcast! [clear here]

Jersey Shore Cast Chat
Thurs. 10/20 at 9p PT/12a ET
It’s GTL time on Ustream! (That’s gym, tanning, laundry for the uninitiated). The entire cast of The Jersey Shore will be live for a Q&A to talk about Italy, the upcoming season in Seaside, and their plans for the future (i.e. energy drink endorsements…right?) [clear here]

Potted Plant Owl
24/7 Stream
Our Potted Plant owlets have hatched! You may remember hearing their story from the previous blog post here, but in a nutshell these cute little guys have been pushed out of their natural habitat due to building development, and have taken up residence in a potted plant in someone’s backyard! Be sure to tune in to see all their developmental milestones–including the fledge! [clear here]

African Penguin Awareness Day!

It seems like there’s a day dedicated to everything (humiliation, cheese pizza, video games) why not dedicate a day to Penguins?! Our friends at the California Academy of Sciences have alerted us that there is indeed such a thing as African Penguin Awareness Day, and it is this Saturday, October 8! What better way to celebrate it than by checking out our very own African Penguins on Ustream! These guys call the Cal Academy home, and spend their days swimming, eating fish, waddling, and being generally adorable.

So go ahead, check it out, and don’t forget to hug a penguin today 😉