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In cased you missed the eclipse…

The moon passed in front of the sun today and those off the coast of Australia were able to view it. If you tuned into Ustream during the eclipse, you would have seen more than 10 channels along the Australian coast streaming the eclipse. It looked a little like this:

Video streaming by Ustream

If you can’t get enough (like us), we have some pretty spectacular photos as well.

What’s your fave?

LAUNCH: Polar Bear Week

Starting Tuesday, November 14th, will bring Ustream viewers an intimate look at a bunch of seemingly cuddly (and might we add lethal) polar bears from Wapusk National Park in Cape Churchill, Canada. The bears traditionally gather there starting in October, waiting for enough ice to form in the Hudson Bay so they can feast on fat, juicy seals for the winter. However, ice melt due to rising global temperatures has been the single greatest threat to their survival. Explore, in partnership with Polar Bears International and Frontiers North, hope that revealing the bears in their natural habitat and exposing them to a worldwide audience will inspire people to become involved in preservation and ensure the continued survival of these arctic giants.

Got questions? Daily moderated chats with polar bear experts will take place between 10am PT and 1pm PT, so be sure to tune in daily right here.

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Can’t make it to Australia for Tuesday’s solar eclipse? No problem. Ustream will take you across the Pacific and give you a front row seat to one of the most spectacular celestial events — a perfect alignment of sun, moon and Earth.

It’s the first total solar eclipse since July 2010 and the only one this year, so you won’t want to miss it. We’ll have live broadcasts from across Australia: Port Douglas, Fitzroy Island, Mareeba, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

The festivities kick off on Tuesday, Nov. 13th at 3 p.m. ET / noon PT at

Below are our partners offering live feeds of the skies:

Main Panasonic channel: Broadcast from Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort

Panasonics project, described as, “Filming the sun, using the sun” aims to capture and broadcast to the world a solar eclipse using only the power of sunlight. They’re using Panasonic’s high efficiency solar power-generating system, “HIT” to generate power with a portable battery back for power storage. They’ll then be able to broadcast the eclipse images captured on a Lumix GH2.

2nd Panasonic channel: Broadcast from Fitzroy Island:

Cairns Eclipse 2012: Broadcast from over Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Total Solar Eclipse Nov. 2012: Live from Mareeba


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