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Remote Configuration of ECDN Server Settings

Remote Configuration of ECDN Server Settings

More and more organizations are adopting video as part of their overall strategy. This includes video marketing activities to prospects, but also corporate communication. That internal video can be training for a small, core group of viewers, but can also encompass huge events like executive town halls. In fact, 67% of organizations plan to increase their use of video for HR and corporate communications.

While many enterprise structures can support this increase in internal video, some will run into issues due to a large concentration of viewers. For example, an office that has 1,000 employees at it might struggle with delivering content during all-hands meetings without impacting normal connectivity. This is not an isolated concern either. 71% of technology executives see it as very important to distribute video content without harming the corporate network.

This is where solutions like ECDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) come in. These hybrid cloud solutions allow for content to be scaled locally, empowering all hands meetings without disrupting or harming the corporate network. This technology is being constantly improved as well. The latest update is the addition of being able to do remote configuration of ECDN server settings. The new feature not only speeds up the process of having to change configurations, but removes much of the manual work involved.