Every Ustream customer knows our door is always open for their feedback — but every once in a while, we like to make it official by asking them a few questions.

As for the results of our latest customer survey … well, let’s just say that the holidays came a little early this year.

When we asked customers why they chose Ustream, here’s what they had to say:

“Best platform on the market”

“Reliability, ability to customize”

“Very efficient, very professional, very fast, very easy installation”

Providing reliable service continued as a theme when we asked what they’d like us to continue doing, in addition to:

“Keep making excellent video tutorials”

“Continue to provide quality streaming”

“Continue the great and quick service provided by Support”

Responses were equally positive on the quantitative side. When asked to rank on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely they were to recommend Ustream, the average response was 7.5. More than 74 percent agreed that it was easy to get started with Ustream, and more than 80 percent agreed that it was easy to use.

In another exciting outcome, results showed that a majority of our customers are using Ustream for both internal and external audiences. This is terrific news as it tells us that streaming video is moving beyond the “internal communications box” as more brands recognize its power as a marketing tool.

Thanks to all the customers who participated in our latest survey, and if there’s anything we can do to serve you better … well, you know where to find us!


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