Geek House Grand Opening and LIVE Stream

This week’s guest blogger is Cali Lewis: What do you get when you mix one part Bill Nye and two parts Fembot? Cali Lewis! You may have seen her co-hosting ‘Call For Help’ with Leo Laporte, or perhaps you’ve seen her reporting on BBC, CNN, MSNBC or Fox. She’s the co-star of GeekBeat.TV, and her millions of fans will tell you – she’s a little bit country, AND a little Rock n’ Roll! Find her on Twitter @calilewis

GeekBeatWho has 8500 square feet of oxygen rich space, robots roaming the halls, and the biggest Infinity Wall this side of the Rio Grande? The Geek House that’s who!

It’s time for yet another big milestone for the team here at GeekBeat.TV! We started in a small bedroom in Dallas, quickly moved to a leased 2500 square foot office space to OWNING an 8500 square foot epicenter the audience has dubbed the Geek House!

And now, on August 1st, 2014 at 4:00 PM EST, it’s time to show the galaxy why the Geek House is Disney World for Geeks! We literally have people coming from all over the world to be part of the experience, and we’ll be unveiling some very geeky, super secret features of the Geek House!

And guess what? YOU can be part of the experience, without having to come to Dallas! Just join us on our LIVE stream on at – we’ll have our chatrooms throughout the entire building during the show so be sure to chime in with your thoughts and questions!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Why should you spend 5 HOURS with us? Because this party is going to be EPIC!

Check out just some of the featured guests and talent…

Musical Performances:

  • Daria Musk
  • Philip Nelson from NewTek
  • $30k KEF Blade Speakers
  • Steve Thompson playing a Laser Harp (yep, you read that right!)

Special Guests:

  • Robots! (too many to name)
  • Ed Begley Jr
  • Leo Laporte
  • Trey Ratcliff
  • Tom Merritt
  • Patrick Norton
  • Chris Pirillo
  • etc.

Special Features of the Building:

  • 8500 sq ft Studio & Office space
  • It’s going to be a Technology SHOWCASE building, with all the latest and greatest gadgetry and geekery!
  • Time Warner Cable’s 1Gbit Fiber Internet Connection
  • 30 of +UpDesk‘s CUSTOM, motorized Standing Desks
  • Samsung’s 78″ Curved Ultra HD/3D TV
  • GE’s Interlogix Security / Badge Access System with IP cameras
  • Dyson’s Cordless Vacuums and Bladless Fans
  • Elite Screens’ MASSIVE 135″ Projector Screen and Whiteboard Walls
  • 45 Drives’ Storinator in the Data Center
  • Chatsworth’s state-of-the-art racks and cable channeling systems

So, don’t miss this event. If you are a geek, want to be a geek or have ever been called a geek, we want to see you here!