Go Curvy Expands Their Reach with Ustream

Today’s post comes courtesy of our friends at Go Curvy. Matthew Barrett, Executive Producer of Go Curvy, is our guest blogger for the day.


Tomorrow is a very exciting day for Go Curvy and our viewers.

Sherry Lee Meredith, the host and creator of Go Curvy, is interviewing Emme, the first curvy super model, on the show. Go Curvy is all about accepting your curves and loving your body and Emme has been the top ambassador for this movement since the 1990s.

On tomorrow’s show, we are tackling the topic of emotional eating. We’ve put together a great panel of guests to discuss it, and we’ll also have Emme’s perspective and advice on how to combat this issue. If this is something you’ve ever struggled with, we hope you will tune in and join the conversation.

Thursday also marks our 19th hour long episode of the show on Ustream. Streaming the show live to viewers has allowed people to engage with the show all around the world. The chat room provides instant feedback on the show and also allows viewers a chance to interact and have their questions answered on-air.

One of the main goals of the show is to create a place where people of all shapes and sizes feel welcome to discuss what’s on their mind. Streaming Go Curvy on Ustream makes that possible by allowing viewers all over the world to watch, participate and join the conversation. In just the first few months we’ve featured guests from across the United States as well as guests from England and Australia.


Even though we’ve done quite a few episodes, we feel like Go Curvy is just getting started. We’re excited to be broadcasting new episodes every week and we think Ustream is the perfect platform to share the show and its message with the world.

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