Introducing: Channel Managers


Today we’re excited to roll out a new feature for our Enterprise Pro Broadcasters — these users now have the ability to add users to manage channels within their Ustream accounts.

Why is this important?

The Channel Managers feature allows you to add users to manage specific channels within your account. This is perfect if you have multiple departments within a large organization and want to give each its own channel, or have multiple clients and want them to only access their own channel. This is also helpful if you want to add an additional user to manage all the channels within your account, but don’t want to give them access to your email, password or billing information.

Each manager can have access to multiple channels (as many as you designate) and each channel can have multiple managers.

Channel managers can:

  • Access anything within the channels you designate them access to.
  • Edit channel info, upload videos, stream live and access metrics for the channels they have access to.
  • Set Off-air content, live playlists or email capture for the channel.
  • Run PPV events on the channel.

Get the full scoop in our Ustream Knowledge Base article:

Ustream Channel Managers: giving other users access to channels within your account

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