Never lose track of your audience with Email Capture


Have you heard the term ‘the money is in the list’?

The phrase describes the relationship between email lists and internet marketing success. Having a list of dedicated fans and clients is the single most important asset any business can have.

Check out this video to see how Ustream allows you to build your own list:

Ustream’s email capture tool allows Ustream Pro Broadcasters to collect viewers’ email addresses in the broadcaster’s player before and during a live broadcast. You don’t have to drive people to a static landing page any longer — now you can collect emails from viewers on your site, Ustream, Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else your player is embedded. Once email capture is turned on, your live and off-air player (both on your channel page and in embedded players) will ask viewers for their name and email address to join the upcoming show.

Inviting customers and prospects to sign up can be highly effective for all types of business. With the right content, you can easily gather information from your users, as it takes a minimal effort from the customer.

Those who sign up in advance will get email reminders twenty-four, eight and two hours before the scheduled event. With the provided email and contact information, you can easily get in touch with them if you have something new to share. Sending relevant news and information can strengthen the relationship with your brand or channel, even if it doesn’t prompt them to watch it right away.

The collected data can be downloaded into a CSV spreadsheet. The CSV format is widely used and makes it easy to import these contacts into your sales or marketing account management tool.

This is a great tool for webinars, lead generation, and any other application where you want to know who is watching your content. Keeping an eye on the customer data will make easier for you to keep your brand and communication on target. But, always remember to exchange value and plenty of other relevant content in return for the data, as it offers exclusivity to subscribers and does not feel like a spam.

Ustream’s Pro development team is aware that collecting information about your customers can have a number of benefits for your business. They are constantly working on improving this feature to allow broadcasters to get more viewer data and keep their focus on the target market.

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