2013 Live Video Statistics: Thanks 2013, Here’s to An Even Better 2014!

2013 Live Video Statistics: Thanks 2013

2013 was a banner year for the Ustream live streaming platform — so much so, that it took us until the last day of January to finish tallying the 2013 live video statistics! Here’s a sneak peek, but check out the full look-back HERE (you wont’t be disappointed!).

  • In 2013, we powered our 2 BILLIONTH hour, lifetime. That’s a ton of hours. (You may remember Brad’s post in October: We’re Two Billion Strong, Thanks to You!)
  • We used 2.1 petabytes of storage to record streams in 2013… Click HERE to see what Wikipedia has to say about “Petabyte.” (I needed the refresher)
  • The award for Most Broadcasts Per Capita went to… a twin-island nation between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Any guesses?

See if you’re right, and check out our full report here:



More recent data

Looking for more recent figures than these 2013 live video statistics? If so, be sure to check out our Video Trends to Look for in 2017 webinar. Using past data from the Ustream platform, including much of 2016, this webinar examines video trends. It then looks for potential action items for broadcasters and content owners to utilize to take advantage of changing viewer habits.

If one is looking for outside sources, though, please reference this joint IBM Cloud Video and Wainhouse Research white paper: Five Building Blocks for Enterprise Streaming Success. This research surveyed 1,512 executives to see how they are using video content today. This includes both live and on-demand content. Topics touched on include adoption rates and also factors like the importance of certain features. This gives a slightly different spin on things, seeking a combination of how people are using video but also how they want to use video and what feature set is important to them. Importantly, it also goes beyond users from the IBM Cloud Video and Ustream service to get a more global look at how people are using video today.

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