Behind the Scenes at Ustream San Francisco

Today’s Behind Ustream blog post comes from the famous hungarian blogger Nóra Oravecz, who is currently our guest in the Ustream San Francisco office.

You can follow her Ustream channel @ oravecznoraofficial  Thanks Nóra!


After seven working years outside of startup life, I was excited to step into a new environment: fun, colors, high level of creativity, happy people and of course, dogs.
At Ustream, the work hours are flexible and employees are responsible for making the best use of their time. Nobody will bother you, you have freedom – all you have to do is to work hard.

Until a delicious breakfast and a super strong coffee is provided, the only thing you have to worry about is the passion, you have. Because, nobody works here without passion.
You can ask them, why are they here, they won’t answer the most common answer what I would get at a typical Hungarian company: “because of the money”.


If that would be the first motivation, I wouldn’t think they would stay here for a long time. No way. You can just work here, if you are passionate about what you do. If you are happy to come here every single morning, because you feel, you wouldn’t be anywhere else.

This is not just a workplace. This is a home, what they are building together.
Not for the founders, for those who uses Ustream. This is a love child, and all of the folks here just want to provide the best for their child, on a mission to make a better world. Better world for you, because Ustream provides you to stay tuned, whatever you are interested in.

Everybody has a different passion. Everybody loves Ustream for different reasons. I’m going to ask them. I want to lead you around the home of Ustream, which makes our lives much more happier, exciting, and meaningful. I’ll be your guide to show you what can be seen just for those, who are here, with them.

You will see the adorable dogs, the Ustream folks, who are working hard on that love child, who is getting bigger and bigger everyday – and all they are doing is just feeding this baby with all of their passion and hardworking hours.


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