IBM Watson Media Launches Mobile Video Streaming App to Enhance Workplace Communication

IBM Watson Media Launches Mobile Video Streaming App to Enhance Workplace Communication

As we move towards an increasingly global workforce, businesses need a better way to connect and engage with employees. Modern corporations are spread across multiple geographies and locations, and according to Global Workplace Analytics, Fortune 1,000 employees are away from their desks sixty percent of the time. 

Today, IBM Watson Media launches the IBM Video Streaming mobile application, a new product that offers enterprise businesses an end-to-end, security-rich solution for live mobile video streaming available on iOS and Android. With the IBM Video Streaming application, businesses can now connect all employees – up to millions of individuals – across the world, right from the palm of their hands. 

Bringing powerful enterprise video to mobile

The IBM Video Streaming application is a natural extension of IBM Watson Media’s Enterprise Video Streaming solution, a live and on-demand streaming platform which connects global employees on desktop and laptop computers. As workplace communication migrates to mobile, IBM is delivering a seamless, secure and accessible mobile video communication tool that allows employers to broadcast one-to-many live streamed videos. 

Powered by Watson, the IBM Video Streaming Application provides AI-powered automated closed captioning to all video content, making it accessible and engaging for viewers. Administrators can edit closed captions for clarity and contextual relevance. In addition to closed captioning, IBM automatically generates advanced metadata from video content, allowing businesses to search, surface and index content to identify which videos are most engaging for employees and when.

The IBM Video Streaming application offers businesses full control over video content including ingestion, transcription, storage, distribution, content and metadata management and access. In order to safeguard confidential information like financials and sales strategies, administrators have the power to grant individual access to specific employees.

Lowering the barrier to entry for live streaming video

Historically, live-streaming video has required the support of professional production teams to deliver high quality video content. With the IBM Video Streaming app, IBM Watson Media makes it easier for companies to create and share exceptional video content on mobile devices without sacrificing quality. In fact, most mobile phones today can produce higher quality videos than laptop or desktop computers’ cameras, with the newest phones reaching up to 60 frames per second.

Transforming workplace communication

Today, businesses should operate like media companies, offering innovative ways to communicate and collaborate in order to enhance employee satisfaction and increase retention. With its app, IBM allows businesses to do this cost-effectively, at scale, and across devices and platforms. With the IBM Video Streaming application, executives can live stream large town-hall meetings to as many as millions of viewers across the world, creating a culture of open communication. 

Interested in trying out the IBM Watson Media’s Video Streaming Application? Visit IBM Video Streaming on the App Store or IBM Video Streaming on Google Play to download it.