We’re Two Billion Strong, Thanks to You!

Six years ago, we started Ustream with the mission to bring live video broadcasting technology to the entire world. Today, we are the world’s most scalable and social platform for live video streaming, enabling millions of content creators to reach global audiences and share experiences in real-time. We were born in the tech capitol of the world — San Francisco — and in celebration of Innovation Month in our big city, we have some exciting news to share!

Thanks to all our Ustreamers across the globe, we’ve recently hit a company milestone: Our platform has powered more than two billion viewer-hours! Consider what two billion hours actually looks like…

We’re also in the running for Streaming Media’s Reader’s Choice Awards for the “Best Live Video Platform.” Check it out and VOTE FOR US HERE! Thanks everyone for the being part of the first two billion, we’re excited for more!


(Viewer-hours reflect how many viewers watch a video stream and for how long; one viewer hour could be a single viewer watching for one hour or two viewers watching for 30 minutes)  

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