I Stream, Do You Stream? Here’s How to Ustream Pt.1

 I stream, do you stream?

Better yet, do you know how to Ustream?

Knowledge IS power, and today is your lucky day to bulk up on some broadcast know-how. Welcome to my weekly How-to blog series, nicely packaged in a Cliff-Note format – for those whose heads immediately begin to throb when the conversation gets too technical.

Let’s start with the basics shall we?

Ustream Meme

Getting Started

To get the ball rolling, the first couple steps have been tailored for your visual consumption into step by step pictorials. Need more guidance? Each pictorial is clickable to a short, how-to highlight of Alden F. working his streaming magic. Werk it Alden!

If you are looking to utilize our platform to promote your brand, or simply curious to try out our Pro features, you can also create a Ustream account by clicking this link:

On this page, simply scroll down to Test drive our 5 viewer hours trial, click the link and you are on your way to broadcasting like a BOSS.

Creating a Ustream Account








Now that your account has been made, lets create your Ustream channel. Woop!

first creat channel

Still with me? Good! Now that we have covered the basic concepts, lets turn our tech swag up a notch!

Embed a Stream or Video on Your Site

Hover over the video player and in the lower right corner click on the Share menu

From the share menu, click on the icon that looks like an HTML bracket < >

How to embed a stream or video on your site

Copy and paste the code that you will see in the lower portion of the pop up box. You can customize the size using the interface and the code will update.

How to embed a stream or video on your site

Created Ustream account? Check.

Ustream channel up and ready to go? Check.

Got the embed skills to add your new Ustream channel to your website? You know it!

It’s not time to raise the roof just yet, people. Let’s go over one more step, then we’ll pick up where we left off next Thursday. Last but not least, lets make sure the party is still going even when you are offline.

Adding Off-Air Content to Your Ustream Channel

Don’t do black screen folks. A Ustream player is a terrible thing to waste, especially when your player is embedded on your website, or have fans visiting your channel at any random moment. This is IMPERATIVE, I cannot stress how dull and boring a black screen looks on an off-air channel.

Would you rather…

Great Example of Offline Content for Ustream Channel

You can get with this….


Example of Black Off-Air Screen

You can get with THAT


On that note,  we’ll conclude this blog with some uber-helpful links on how to add either a slideshow or actual video play on your channel when you are offline.

How to Add Off-Air Content to Ustream Channel

Click for a how-to video tutorial on creating off air content


To add a slideshow to your Ustream channel, click here

For video of previous broadcasts to play automatically on your channel, click here



Be sure to share your new Ustream channels in the comments below, and feedback is always welcome. Happy Broadcasting Ustreamers!


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