Live Video is Reshaping the Ad Game – Here’s How to Make it Work for Your Brand

What does Martha Stewart, Playstation, Salesforce, HBO’s True Blood and radio station Hot97 have in common? Each have become digital influencers in their own right, by utilizing the latest, innovative tool reshaping the advertising landscape: Live Video. In an era when technology and human interaction are intersecting in new ways, adapting multi-dimensional means of engaging your audience is key.

 Curious on how to optimize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns to global audiences? Get ready to take notes, people. In this week’s live webinar, SVP of Marketing David Thompson showcased each brand’s boundary pushing strategies on the Ustream platform, and the number shattering stats surrounding their successful live-streamed campaigns.

 Read more for a recap of our SVP’s informative webinar and educate yourself on the latest trend in digital engagement optimization: the live video experience.


Live Online Delivers Multiple Engagement Opportunities


Why Live?

The live video experience revolutionizes standard digital marketing practices by condensing your promotional checklist into one dynamic event available to audiences around the world. Effortlessly promote 3 campaigns in one: build excitement streaming the pre event, connect with viewers to spread your message during the event, and keep the digital conversation relevant with highlights and VOD post event. Streaming for advertisers is a highly engaging gift that keeps on giving, in real time.

Tip: Amplify your social media presence by utilizing the power of Ustream’s Facebook and Twitter integrated social stream. Increase virality by allowing your audience to share  content within their social circles, along with websites using our vast array of embed tools.

Ustream: History of Great Brand Building

Case Study 1: Martha Stewart’s Live Launch of MSL Paints on Ustream

Powerful Stats:

Martha Stewart on Ustream social stats     Martha Stewart ob Ustream


Case Study 2: Repositioning as a ‘Customer Company’

Salesforce on Ustream

Success Stats:

Salesforce on Ustream   Salesforce on Ustream

Salesforce on Ustream


How To: Maximize Audience Size and Engagement with Syndicated Distribution

maximize size and engagement


Case Study 3: Launching PS4: Making Internet History

Playstation on Ustream



Case Study 4: HBO True Blood Empowers Social Video to Impact Audiences

True Blood on Ustream


 Case Study 5: Hot97’s Successful Transition from Audio to Live Video

Hot97 SummerJam on UStream



Q& A Time!

Any questions? Watch this highlight for responses from our SVP of Marketing David Thompson during his live social stream Q& A session:

Ustream's SVP of Marketing David Thompson


Now that you have been inspired by the best, how would you take live video to the next level? Leave your answers in the comments below. Don’t forget, remember to tweet @Ustream and @UstreamLakeshia to let us know when you go LIVE!

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