Live video use within the enterprise is continuing to grow at a phenomenal pace, and we’ve been working with Wainhouse Research to help us better understand the growing trend. As you may have seen last December, we rolled out a white paper entitled, “Executive Visions in the Workplace,” which gave us some early insight into current perceptions across a variety of industries. Of particular interest was a stat that showed live video favor varied by executive level, skewing highest for respondents within the C-suite. You can download the full paper HERE.

Today, I’m excited to share our next white paper, which takes a deeper cut into the research. “Gauging Viewership Trends in Live Online Video Business Communications” projects substantial growth of live video business communications over the next three years. We’ve seen countless examples of customers using our live video platform in innovative ways, and our goal is to continue to educate them about how to harness live video to reach their business goals.

Next Tuesday, Steve Vonder Haar, senior analyst from Wainhouse Research, and I will be hosting an interactive webinar to further discuss the findings. Mark your calendars:

Webinar: April 1, 10 a.m. PDT:

“Enterprise Live Video Use To Double by 2016”

Live online video is quickly gaining traction in the workplace – in fact, more than 1 billion hours were streamed in 2013, according to Wainhouse Research. Innovative and forward-thinking businesses have been leading the movement, unlocking the heightened engagement that only live video can provide. Enterprise use of live video is expected to double by 2016, and Ustream’s solutions can help you get ahead of the curve.


Download the full paper HERE