214,000 iPhone Viewing App Downloads in 48 hours

The Ustream Viewing Application hit the App Store on the night before
the Presidential Inauguration and by the next morning, iPhone and iPod
Touch owners downloaded it in record numbers.  On day one, the Viewing Application
soared to the #1 spot on Apple’s Entertainment section and the #4 spot among all of the thousands of free applications in the App Store with more than 214,000 downloads … and this all happened
in less than 48 hours.

The enthusiasm for the Inauguration of President Barack Obama translated
into a record-breaking day for live streams on Ustream – both online and
on mobile.  We received tremendous feedback from the iPhone community
about watching this historic event:

I watched on Ustream (computer, not iPhone), and not only was it smooth, but it was actually a split second ahead of my television.” – James

I watched on my iPhone, and was amazed at how good it looked!” – Megan

I watched Ustream on my iPhone from Paris, no problem, best stream from all of ‘em.” – Sammy

Thanks again for making us #1 in the App Store. Stay tuned for updates on the next version.

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