Another groundbreaking world’s first — LIVE on Ustream

Late last night (early morning, local time) thousands of fascinated Ustream viewers looked on as Nina, a pregnant chimpanzee, gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  The first-ever live streaming of a chimpanzee birth went off without a hitch and mother and baby are now resting comfortably under the watchful eyes of the entire world.

Nina and her infant will continue to live and stream from a private suite within the Jane Goodall Institute’s South African “Chimp Eden” for the next 30 days — at which point they will be slowly re-introduced to the center’s existing chimpanzee troop. At that point, the new baby will all also be named, although many Ustreamers have unofficially christened him “Squeak.”

The upcoming month is sure to hold many surprises as Nina and her son begin to bond. She’s already proving herself to be quite maternal, despite her being orphaned as a young chimp. (For more on Nina’s story, click here)

Nina and the new arrival:

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