Bringing Ustream to Facebook Timelines

We’re super excited the be able to announce that we just released a new integration with Facebook Timeline!

Now, you will be able to see what your friends are watching on Facebook, share what you’re watching, and discover great new content on Ustream with friends.

How do you do this? With our easy to use “Ustream Social” feature.

You’ll notice by going to Ustream today that there’s a new Social On/Off switch right at the top. Flip this handy switch on to turn on Ustream Social and reap the benefits.

Now, whenever you watch a channel or video on Ustream, you’ll be able to add it to your Facebook Timeline!  Check it out.

Now, you can see your videos right on your Facebook Timeline.  This is me:

As you can see, I love watching animals, tech, and the US State Department 🙂

Sharing with your Facebook Timeline is always completely optional.  You can choose which videos you want to share, and how often.  Remember, although we help you share, we value your privacy and want to give you as much control as possible.  Hence, you can remove shares from your Facebook Timeline any time.  In addition, you can use Ustream privately any time just by switching off Ustream Social. Plus, Facebook has its own privacy settings where you can set Ustream’s permissions level.

We are super excited about this new integration, and we have some awesome features coming up, so I’m psyched to share those with you soon.  In the meantime, happy sharing!