Broadcast in Higher Quality from iPhone or iPad

Hello there, it’s Tamas, Ustream’s Product Owner for all our iOS products.

Today we released an update to our iOS application which contains – along with some bugfixes – a cool new feature called High Quality (HQ) broadcasting.

When you open the broadcast screen we measure the available bandwidth for you. What this means is that if you’ve got a great connection while sitting under a cellular tower, we’ll know that. If you’re inside a nuclear bunker with just one bar, we’ll know that too.

If you have enough at your disposal just press the “HQ Broadcasting” button to start your broadcast in High Quality.

HQ Broadcasting means 640×480 with higher bitrate (amount of data per second) settings. With this feature you can broadcast in a quality that has not been available on a mobile device until now, and your viewers will enjoy your mobile broadcast in great quality.

HQ Broadcasting is not only available on your iPad — look for the HQ button on your iPhone’s broadcast screen as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy this feature, just head to the App Store and check for updates!

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