Don’t Miss a Beat and #ASKSHERRYLEE


Today’s post comes courtesy of our friends at Go Curvy. Matthew Barrett, Executive Producer of Go Curvy, is our guest blogger for the day.

The entire Go Curvy team is very excited about Thursday’s show. In addition to featuring barbecue recipes for the holiday weekend and a deeper look at the ingredients in popular cosmetic products, the episode will feature a live performance and interview with musician Scotty Grand.

Many people know Scotty from his appearance on the reality show Platinum Hit. On Go Curvy, he’s going to tell our host, Sherry Lee Meredith, about his musical journey from New Orleans to Boston to Los Angeles. Scotty is an emerging talent and we’re thrilled to offer him the platform to perform live for his fans and our viewers on Ustream.

Having a live music performance really allows us to take advantage of the power of Ustream. It lets the artist perform live for fans across the world (who may not be able to see them perform in person). Then when the show is the done, the musician has a new clip of themselves performing which they can share with their online communities.

Fans also have the opportunity to ask a question through the Ustream chat room and have it answered on air. Every week on Go Curvy we feature an #ASKSHERRYLEE segment where Sherry answers viewer questions from the Ustream chat room. Answering questions live on air has allowed the show to develop closer relationships with viewers and make them part of the Go Curvy family.

Thursday marks our 24th live episode of Go Curvy. Looking back at early episodes, we can tell that the show has come a long way but we still feel like we can keep making it better and better. We are striving to create an environment where all viewers feel welcome and can participate and enjoy the show. If you are able to watch the show live on Thursday, please join in the chat on Ustream to say hello and let us know what you think.

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