Meet Jewel! She’s black, furry, and pretty sleepy right now. Oh, and you wouldn’t want to mess with those claws! Jewel is a wild black bear residing in a den near Ely, Minnesota, and most importantly, she’s about to be a first-time mom! Thanks to the ingenuity of the researchers at the Wildlife Research Institute, Ustreamers will be able to see the birth live and follow the growth of her cubs over the next few months. Currently there are over 800 people watching her channel and waiting for the big moment, which is expected to come any day now!

Head biologist at the Institute, Lynn Rogers, Ph.D., has spent over 42 years studying wildlife and utilizing everything from airplanes to vehicles to radio-track over 100 bears in the vast forests of northeastern Minnesota. Last year, a bear named Lily used the same den to birth and raise two cubs, and it is expected that Jewel, a first time mom, will also have two cubs.

To follow the exciting, suspenseful birth watch and share in the joys of seeing two bear cubs raised in the wild, stay tuned to Jewel’s channel:

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