Launch of Improved Measures to Protect Copyright Holders and Vobile Integration

We believe it is important to protect content publishers and provide tools to help combat the illegal sharing of copyrighted material. Today, we are releasing improvements to our copyright protection tools, and announcing a full integration with the Vobile fingerprinting solution.

We are 100 percent committed to copyright protection and believe these tools will both support the ongoing needs of copyright holders and the user experience and safety of our community.  We recognized the importance of copyright protection early in the company’s history, and today’s step in launching improved measures underscores our commitment to continue to evolve our tools.

Copyright Protection Updates:

·       Faster submission times for copyright holders
·       Advanced features such as keyword detection
·       Improved user interface for ease-of-use and management

Ustream is committed to gaining feedback from our rights partners to improve the tool further. Additional improvements will be released in the coming weeks.


·       Vobile operates the VideoDNA Database, which is “the most comprehensive database of authorized video fingerprints, metadata and business rules from major movie studios, television networks and record labels.” (More info:

·       Ustream has been integrated with Vobile for six months for Pay Per View events and recently began running the Vobile service across the Ustream platform.

This will be one of two fingerprinting solutions Ustream will utilize to identify and protect video content. The second solution is currently under development with BayTSP and TVAura.

We will continue to work closely with copyright holders and technology partners to ensure copyrights are protected. If you have any questions about how Ustream is proactively protecting copyright, please contact

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