Not scheduling events? You’re missing out.

If you’re broadcasting, you probably want people to watch. And if you want people to watch, you have to tell them when you’re going to go live. Creating an event is a great way to do this. It lets you communicate your programming with not only your followers and fans, but with people who may randomly stumble across your channel.

Being able to tell the world when you’re broadcasting by creating an event allows a one-click RSVP to the event, sending them an alert 60 minutes before the event goes live. Letting people know and alerting them before you go live has the potential to increase viewership and the broadcast’s success rate. Additionally, you can share your event with the Ustream content team at The content team may choose to schedule it into Ustream’s “Upcoming” page or place the event on the home page or one of the four main sub pages for further exposure.

Here’s how you create an event — like the screen shot above:

  • Go to your Dashboard.
  • Click “Channel”.
  • Some of you may have more than one channel so make sure you choose the correct channel for which you want to create an event. Once you choose the channel, click “Events” in the subset categories.
  • You’ll then see “Schedule a New Event”. Click it!

  • Fill out the fields in the box that pops up. You’ll need a title, date, length (up to four hours), if it repeats, the time zone (double check!), and a description of the event.
  • When the event is created it will show up on your channel page below your channel info under the headline “Upcoming Shows.”

  • Self promotion! Even after you create your event be sure to promote it through your social networks. Tell people about your events, regularly update them, and keep your followers and fans updated on your programming. Planning and programming are key to creating a viewer habit and a viewer habit is key to a successful broadcaster.


ASUtv — Arizona State University Television

Arizona State University Television broadcasts a variety of programs from news to sports to even vintage movies. Yes, vintage movies! Because it broadcasts so much, ASUtv is using scheduled events as a “TV Guide” to plan and promote its programming. ASUtv currently has nearly a half million views and 750 followers.

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