9/5/2008 RNC Sets Ustream Record; Over 7 Million Americans Viewed Live Streams and Highlights

Republican National Convention Sets Ustream Record; More Than Seven Million Americans Viewed Live Streams and Highlights

The first Republican National Convention (RNC) to be streamed live online established a new Ustream record for most views of a single event.  The total unique viewers (live and recorded highlights) during the RNC (Sept. 1-4) was 7,016,000.  The convention attracted 1,593,000 unique live viewers and 5,423,000 unique recorded highlight views.

Here is one of our favorite moments that Ustream captured during the RNC:

“Ustream gave the RNC the ability to communicate with the American public and our party members in an engaging way that has never been done before in previous elections. We were able to showcase the convention in the highest quality online and reach out to voters who couldn’t be live at the convention,” said 2008 Republican National Convention Spokesman Matt Burns. “We appreciate that Ustream brought mass exposure to our stream with distribution through Google News, large national blogs and news sites around the Web.”

Thanks to the RNC for partnering with us to give all Americans unprecedented live access to a political convention.

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