Shakira Debuts Music Video on Ustream and Ustream on Facebook

Shakira image

Musicians are embracing the Ustream platform as a way to build community and connect directly with fans.

The most recent example was international superstar Shakira who conducted a world premiere of her latest video using Ustream and our Ustream on Facebook app on Monday, Nov. 16, “Give it Up to Me” featuring Lil Wayne, off her new album “She Wolf.” Nearly 95,000 unique viewers tuned into the broadcast — the highest Ustream has ever seen for a broadcast that lasted only 10 minutes. This was a first-of-a-kind release event with the support of the label, Epic Records. We believe this could change the dynamic of premieres and release of content.

The recorded video can be viewed here.

Fans could log onto Shakira’s Facebook page or Ustream to watch, interact or embed the first-ever live video premiere of “Give It Up To Me” through Facebook comments or our Social Stream.

Epic chose Ustream and Facebook to broadcast this event to bring Shakira’s fan community together and interact in a more social way around a common, shared experience.