Top 5 Tuesday: Ustream Storytellers

Combing through Ustream’s archives is like coming across a veritable treasure trove of personal stories, candid moments, and hilarious anecdotes provided by some of our broadcasters. We’ve compiled a ‘Top 5 Tuesday’ list of some well known faces telling THEIR stories. Consider these the folks you’d want to have a beer with–if only because they’d spare you no details in telling about the time they almost chopped off a foot in a treadmill accident.

1. Chamillionaire On Meeting Michael Jordan

2. Michelle Rodriguez: Why I missed Burning Man

3. Soulja Boy’s Humble Origins At Burger King

4. Ice-T tells a story about Gary Busey (warning: contains Gary Busey)

5. Jerry Springer talks about why he’ll never be Oprah

Got a favorite? Are we missing any? Tell us in the comments!

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