Ustream Viewing Application is in the Apple App Store

The Ustream iPhone Viewing Application is now available in the Apple App Store.

The Ustream iPhone Viewing Application was pending approval from Apple and was approved in time for the inauguration. Now any iPhone owner can watch the inauguration from their iPhone. Presently, the Ustream iPhone Viewing Application is WiFi only to ensure the highest quality broadcast on the iPhone, but stay tuned for developments.

“Ustream is excited to join the app store and bring a great application to the iPhone. Now iPhone users can watch and chat with any Ustream show directly from their iPhone. So now, wherever you are, you can be part of the global community around shared live experiences.” John Ham, Founder and CEO of Ustream

“The Ustream iPhone Application is a major advance in bringing the full power of the internet to mobile phones. Now anyone can watch everything from Taylor Swift concerts to your out of town high school football game live on the iPhone.” Brad Hunstable, Founder and President of Ustream

“Ustream has developed a technically amazing application for the iPhone. The iPhone has an amazing viewing experience and is a great platform for showcasing the Ustream experience. It was a pleasure developing an application for the iPhone and the Apple developer support was amazing.” Dr. Gyula Feher, Founder and Head of Technology of Ustream

The application can be downloaded at this iTunes link:

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