Webby Award for the Shiba Inu pups!

Yesterday we hosted very special celebrity guests here at Ustream. Two of the puppies from the famous “Shiba Six,” sisters Ayumi and Autumn, and their human parents, Mr. and Mrs. SFShiba, came to visit our office and received their Webby statuette! The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam became a global phenomenon in late 2008, when over 30 million people tuned in to watch as the puppies grew, played, slept, and ate, spending the equivalent of 800 years watching the puppies. The Shiba Inu Puppy cam is recognized as the most-watched internet video of all time, and was awarded with a Webby earlier this year as a People’s Voice Award Winner in the viral category.

Ayumi and Autumn celebrated the occasion in their own way– with a dog cake from the Ustream team. After the presentation of the award and cake, Ayumi and Autumn put in some playtime from the Ustream office while Shiba fans from around the world watched.

The pups will be one year old on Oct. 7. Seems like just yesterday we were watching them roll around in their little bed biting on each other’s tails and making the most impossibly cute noises. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. SFShiba and Kika will bless us with another litter soon!
If you missed the fun, check out the recorded video below, or tune in for the daily stream of Ayumi, Kika and Haru here.

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