Winning By Design – Best Tips for An Awesome Channel Layout

Want your Ustream channel to match the awesomeness of your broadcast? With these simple steps, you too can have an awesome layout like Monterey Aquarium’s Open Sea Cam. 

Login to your Ustream account

Mouse over your username (top right) which and click on Dashboard.


Click on Channel and click on Design.

Click I want to customize my theme on the lower portion of the page.

Click upload custom image and upload a JPEG or PNG file that will replace the background of your channel page.

Click tile to make your background image tiled style.

Click use no image to not use an image.

Click restore from theme to change your background image back to the original image of your selected channel theme.

Click the bar of color to change the background color, main text color, and link color.
Click Save down at the bottom when you are finished making customizations.


For a full size background, a size of 1950×1200 is recommended.
For smaller images, check the box that says “tile” to have your image repeat across the background.
Alternately, you can choose “use no image” and then the background color will be effective.
*Images must be under 1Mb in size and in .jpg or .png format.

7. Once completed, click Save.