Events for the Week of 12/20

Dr. Drew on TMZ
Monday, 12/20, at 1pm PT
Board certified physician and frequent MTV contributor Dr. Drew will be a live in-studio guest on TMZ with staffer Dax Holt. He’ll be answering your questions live and chatting about the current season of Celebrity Rehab among other projects. See it here. [clear here]

USA Team Handball Pan Am Qualifier
Tuesday, 12/21 at 1pm PT
If the words “handball on Ustream” don’t get you excited, maybe you need another cup of coffee. On Tuesday, you’ll be able to tune in to see the men’s and women’s National Teams take on Canada in a Pan American Games Qualification Series. RSVP right here. [clear here]

@Katiecouric Year in Review
Tuesday, 12/21 at 4pm PT
Don’t miss a very special episode of Katie Couric’s web series on Tuesday. She’ll be talking to Politico’s Mike Allen, comedian Mo Rocca and Sheryl Huggins-Salomon of about the biggest stories and moments of 2010. Watch it on CBS right here. [clear here]

I Dump 4 U
Tuesday, 12/21 at 8pm PT
Have you ever found yourself in a dead-end relationship with someone you wish you could drop off at the nearest truck stop? Do you lack the courage/motivation/vocabulary to dump them in an appropriate manner? Bradman is here to help you navigate your way out of a relationship quagmire by breaking up with your significant other for you. And the best part is, he broadcasts it live on his channel right here every Tuesday. [clear here]

The Xmas Twee
24/7 Until Christmas!
Looking for a little holiday fun? Check out the Xmas Twee channel here, which allows viewers to tweet out colors and change the color of the lights on the Christmas tree. Note: all you people that think you’re funny by continually tweeting “beaver,” you kind of are. BUT: beaver is not a color. [clear here]

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