Featured Broadcaster of the Week: StuffWeLike

David Rodriguez had conquered the digital world with StuffWeLike long before he started with Ustream. He’s grown with us over the last two years and we’re excited for the years to come.


“I’ve used many video platforms and Ustream is the one that offers the best audience engagement,” remarked Rodriguez. “My Ustream channel has a very dedicated audience, many of whom I’ve even chatted with outside of streams — becoming Facebook friends or talking over the phone. Viewers return stream after stream, chat in the chatroom, and help direct what happens next in the stream. It’s a very fluid system, which makes it far more entertaining to both produce content and consume it.”

StuffWeLike has become one of the leading gaming sites on Ustream. “My favorite games to broadcast are the games that I enjoy to play myself, such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 and more recently GTA V,” he explained, adding that he always switches things up and streams the latest games based on viewer requests.

GTA V Live at November 1

Video streaming by Ustream

Some of the best entertainment has come from his failed attempts to stay alive in streamed gameplay; his audience keeps coming back for more.

“Typically, I broadcast gameplay anywhere from 4pm PST onward. Of course there are several ways to keep track of when I broadcast, such as following me on Ustream, Twitter, or Facebook,” he said.

Every time David goes live, more than 6,000 followers are notified via email, and he has already attracted 6 million views! This incredible viewership can be attributed to StuffWeLike’s amazing gaming content, along with their live presence at many large conferences. From E3 to worldwide tech announcements, from international auto shows to multigenre conventions, StuffWeLike has become a staple of live entertainment on Ustream.

Surface 2 Announcement

Video streaming by Ustream

Later this month, StuffWeLike will stream content live from the LA Auto Show 2013, along with PS4 and Xbox One Midnight Launches. Follow him to stay connected!

Speaking of PS4, he mentionrd that, “With the launch of the PS4, it’s going to be easier than ever to stream a console game. This also means that there will be more gamers out there with their own Ustream channels streaming gameplay.”

Such rivalry doesn’t intimidate him. Moreover, he willingly offers some advice for future Ustream gamers. “If you want to stand out, the most important thing is to have good Internet upload speed, to provide the best video quality possible. Secondly, remember that even if you’re not the best gamer, people will still watch your channel if you have a great personality that engages the audience.”


David caveats that streaming is technically challenging, especially for the start of every event. But “it’s part of what makes livestreaming exciting…being live is a powerful feature which brings the viewer along for the ride, as I, myself, am participating in the real-world event.”

Pretty powerful, isn’t it?

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