The Eagles Have Landed: Your LIVE Guide to the 2014 Eagle Season on Ustream

Christmas has come early for Eagle fans this year. We are officially on Hatch Watch on the SWFL Eagle Cam, with an eaglet due any day now!


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The notorious Decorah Eagle Cam is also back this year, and their camera looks AMAZING:
We should begin seeing more action on their camera beginning in January, and eggs (*gasp*) in February.

Each of these cams are vets at live animal cams, and exemplify the premium quality of the Ustream platform. Nothing is more majestic than watching our nation’s national symbol LIVE in all its glory surrounded by nature.
Besides becoming a hobby for many, these Eagle cams are also serving great purpose in our communities, by being implemented in grade schools as educational tools. The EagleForKids Cam is an eagle nest located near Blair-Taylor Elementary School in Blair, Wisconsin. Created in 2011, Eagles4Kids is an online resource dedicated to enabling teachers to introduce Bald Eagles to students in their classrooms. Teachers and students in real time engage in the chat room devoted to their questions and observations, offering a wide array of opportunities online for anyone wanting to learn about America’s national symbol.
Official Eagles for Kids Site:
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Can’t get enough Eagle Cams? Here are some of my current faves:
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This one is by far my new favorite. Located in Humboldt County, the scenery shots are amazing. Official site: 
Inline image 5Inline image 6Inline image 7
West End Eagle Cam:
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2014 is definitely looking like the year of the Eagle! Like the rest of the Eagleholics, looking forward to some amazing memories in the making on these majestic cams. Which cam is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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