Kicking off on January 5, 2010, CES brings together major brands and tech influencers for a week of nonstop product launches and announcements. This year, Ustream will have live coverage of major announcements from brands like Sony and Verizon and live analysis from tech press.

Wednesday, January 5th

Panasonic Press Conference
3pm PT/6pm ET
Panasonic will be unveiling new products during their press conference live on their channel page here. [clear here]

Sony Press Conference
4:15pm PT/7:15pm ET
See a major announcement from Sony on their official CES Channel page here. [clear here]

Thursday, January 6th

Verizon Press Conference
1pm PT/4pm ET
Verizon will be streaming their press conference from their Ustream channel page here where they’ll be formally announcing the new 4G LTE network. [clear here]

Polaroid Press Conference
3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET
Polaroid and Lady Gaga will be unveiling Polaroid Grey Label–a product being touted as the “next generation instant experience.” See it here. [clear here]

In addition, you can get daily coverage of all the awesome developments at CES from the following channels:

CNET: For expert coverage and in-depth analysis, tune in to CNET Live’s coverage of CES.

TechCrunch Crunchgear: Follow around CrunchGear editors as they cover the product launches and exciting developments on the ground at CES.

TWiT: Leading web network TWiT (This week in Tech) will be covering CES and offering insight into the biggest trends and products.

Compute-Ability: Husband and Wife Team Scott and Jill Liberto will be live from CES on January 6th-9th.

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