Cleeng, Thuuz, IRIS.TV and Maestro Added to Watson Media Ecosystem to Elevate Video Experiences

Partners Elevate Video Experiences with Watson Media

One of our core tenants at IBM is to find and work with great partners who share our vision and values. The ecosystem is important. At Watson Media, we’re focused on bringing powerful portfolio of AI (artificial intelligence) video solutions to market. To meet the unique needs of our customers, Watson Media works with a number of partners to augment our solutions and build robust solutions that aid in driving efficiencies, delivering elevated video experiences and delighting consumers.


Keeping online audiences watching more video and for longer periods of time is a key goal of streaming sites and apps. Increased engagement equates to bottom-line revenue.

Using Watson technology, IRIS.TV’s advanced personalization platform gives broadcaster & publishers the means to build engaged audiences on their owned & operated sites and apps by distributing relevant content to users on a one-to-one level, in real time. The application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and prescriptive insights enables clients to realize a 70% average increase in video consumption and related revenue uplift. Clients can control distribution and optimize content strategy with the programming of business rules. For more information visit



Video e-commerce needs to be easy.  Audiences are paying for live sports and entertainment experiences – but transactions must be simple, intuitive and even predictive.  Similarly, broadcasters and video publishers need to be able to quickly deploy the right pay-wall, the right end-user support and the right analytics to acquire and retain those paying viewers.

Cleeng’s flexible and fully managed solutions are integrated with Watson Media’s video platform to provide end-to-end streaming and monetization of live events and on-demand video. Cleeng takes care of all the steps from Identity and Access Management, e-commerce, end-user support and security to ensure a fast roll-out and higher ROI. Cleeng also collects subscriber data from many points in the video delivery chain. With the new Cleeng Churn IQ™, broadcasters are now fully equipped and can use collected data for an all-out, new way to attack churn. For more information visit



Sports workflows are challenging. It’s a matter of urgency and complexity. When the match is live, turning around highlights, getting the right stats on the screen, ensuring the feeds are working across all platforms – all are considerations, and there are many more.

This body of work is where Thuuz is a great addition to the Watson Media ecosystem. For years, Thuuz has worked with some of the biggest brands in the sports space to generate what it calls “unified sports event metadata,” uniting live event data, historic sports statistics, and video/audio analysis to help sports brands generate more targeted content and metadata. Marrying comprehensive data ingestion to on-screen analysis, Thuuz can create personalized excitement ratings, inline markers for live events, metadata with timestamps, and real-time personalized video streams and VOD assets.  Watson Media is able to bring in these assets into our workflows, augmenting both with our line of services, such as our recently launched closed captioning product and other AI capabilities. For more information visit



Streaming video has evolved beyond the passive television viewing of the past. Brands need a full engagement strategy to drive a deeper experience, and just as importantly, key consumption data to hone those experiences. Users simply expect more than just player controls and a video frame – especially the sports and esports communities.

Maestro transforms one-way streams into real-time, two-way dialogues between streamers and their audiences. For any given live event or feed of on-demand assets, Maestro provides a managed presentation layer experience with flexible options for engagement – content overlays, social media integration, in-stream quests, monetization and ecommerce opportunities, contests, and more. All tailored to the brand’s aesthetic, including options to white-label the experience and deploy to your web site and apps. Plus, Maestro provides brands with all the data and analytics they need to fine-tune strategies and optimize marketing campaigns.

Maestro is working with IBM to integrate Watson Media’s video platform as well as IBM’s suite of AI video and delivery services, opening the door to programmatic, Watson-driven experiences that pair video metadata augmentation with new engagement strategies. For more information visit


Watson Media at NAB

Interested in learning more? Be sure to stop by the IBM booth at NAB (The National Association of Broadcasters) in South Lower Hall (#5305). Watson Media will be showcasing examples of artificial Intelligence technologies in applications for media and entertainment companies.

Also, be sure to check out our Uncovering Dark Video Data with AI white paper. This details how Watson can help solve critical content and user experience issues, including areas like content discovery, recommendation uplift, closed captioning, highlight clipping and compliance scenarios.