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Recycled Percussion Takes on 24-hour Live Streaming Concerts and Tech for Good

Recycled Percussion Takes on 24-hour Live Streaming Concerts

Music, and the artists that make it, have always had tremendous power to influence our culture, our emotions, and even our morality. Recycled Percussion is a band that has taken that responsibility very seriously for years as they seek to use their influence for good. And now, they are combining their talent, influence, and cutting edge technology to take it to another level – online.

Excellence in Policing Conference Case Study

Excellence in Policing Conference Case Study

Change and disruption are not new to policing, the landscape being characterized by changing demands, uncertainty, and the need to work differently. When faced with cancelling another in-person event due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the team responsible for delivering the 20th Excellence in Policing (EIP20) conference decided to take on the challenge and learn how to deliver the event with an exclusively online experience.

IBM Think 2020 Digital Event Case Study

IBM Think 2020 Digital Event Case Study

Due to the rapid pace of COVID-19, there has been a need to act with agility, resilience and unity in the face of evolving impacts. On March 19, 2020, with just 47 days before the in-person conference was scheduled to start, the decision was finalized to pivot to an all-digital experience for IBM Think as a result of COVID-19. This would be the first time the event would be online-only.

IBM Think Digital experience resulted in nearly 120,000 registrants and over 170,000 unique viewers. The Think content team took over 2500 sessions that were planned for the face to face event and selected the most impactful 250 sessions that could pivot the message to be COVID-19 relevant as well as engage attendees digitally. Over 45,000 hours of content were viewed by attendees with emphasis on design that would accelerate the transformation of the experience from in-person to all digital. Content was captioned in 7 different languages and delivered with live chats and moderated “Ask the expert” sessions for an audience size that was vastly beyond projected expectations.

Discover how IBM met this challenge through its own technology, leveraging both IBM Watson Media and the IBM Public Cloud to offer a scalable, reliable solution with global load balancing to help ensure a premium viewing experience for all.

Courtroom Streaming: A California Superior Court Case Study

Courtroom Streaming: A California Superior Court Case Study

COVID-19 disrupted normal life. It forced organizations to pivot and adhere to guidelines related to the pandemic. The effect has been widespread, impacting private companies and government entities. This includes the judicial system in the United States, which is now faced with continuing day-to-day activities, but virtually.

This case study outlines how a superior court in California utilized IBM Video Streaming to broadcast court hearings live and was able to pivot from in-person to virtual in just two weeks. This not only satisfied a legal obligation to allow public access but resulted in giving the court a future proof solution that may be utilized even after things return to normal.

MER Conference™ Case Study: Rapid Pivot to Digital Event

What do you do when you are on track for over 300 people registering to attend, 10 sponsors setup to exhibit, nearly 100 speakers committed to present… and 6 weeks before the event you learn all of these people now can’t leave their homes?

For the MER Conference, the solution was to quickly pivot to a digital experience; one that could engage audiences remotely while placing them in front of experts and thought leaders. This case study outlines their transitional story, of shifting the conference, in just 6 weeks, to the new format. In the end, the team executed a seamless digital event experience and achieved an increase in year over year registrations by about 45%. Here’s how they did it.

Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg Case Study

Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg Case Study

Pivoting in-person events to digital experiences in three weeks time

COVID-19 caused companies to pivot toward new digital solutions to do business.  These practices are ones that must stand up to remote working and restrictions on travel and lockdown facilities.

What do you do, though, when your organization focuses on community and building a strong network of companies through in-person events?

For Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg, they innovated by adopting a digital strategy through technology from IBM. This was done with an eye on speed: quickly being able to introduce video streaming to their community to keep them engaged from earlier events while reaping success through greatly expanding their reach.

Salesforce Case Study: CIO Priorities

Salesforce was ranked by Fortune in 2019 as the number one best place to work among large companies1 and was recently named in Forbes’ 2020 World’s Most Admired Companies,2 so it’s no wonder they are growing at a rapid clip. But, as more employees join the Salesforce team of Trailblazers, the demands of communicating effectively across the organization, and making employees feel valued increase. Jo-ann Olsovsky, Executive Vice President and CIO at Salesforce, and her team are tasked with providing effective and reliable ways to connect people across the organization and make sure they continue to feel a part of the team regardless of where they are located around the world.

IBM and Salesforce have partnered together on live video streaming projects for many years, most notably to extend the reach of Dreamforce sessions to customers and interested parties that can’t make it to the event in San Francisco each year. In 2019, Salesforce decided to expand its video streaming work with IBM to include internal employee communications as well. Being able to continue to grow and scale communications and do it in a way that doesn’t impact other applications running on the corporate network is a significant priority. In this video story, Jo-ann talks about the importance of video, the impact on Salesforce employees and company culture…the “Salesforce Ohana3,” and where she sees video technology headed in the future.

IBM Watson Media Powers Live Streaming of the Masters Tournament

IBM Watson Media Powers Live Streaming of the Masters Tournament

When executed at the highest level, golf appears beautifully simple. The greatest competitors in the sport swing a club with seemingly effortless grace, sending the ball on a perfect flight between towering pines and rolling along manicured greens toward a flag flapping in the Georgia breeze.

In these moments, we don’t see the countless hours of practice. We don’t see the history of injuries, exhaustion or frustration. Yet although we can’t see it, all that time and effort was necessary to create this seamless moment, tirelessly earned and presented as a gift to patrons of the sport.

These glimpses of simple perfection are why millions will watch the Masters Tournament this April. Delivering these moments in a seamless viewing experience to patrons around the world requires the right infrastructure—a solution architected using both technological innovation and human expertise.

Salesforce Case Study Video: Broadcasting Dreamforce Online

The Salesforce platform provides users a 360 degree view of their customers, helping them connect and nurture relationships in a whole new way. An initiative at the company is Salesforce Live, which has webcasts, productions and events, including a live broadcast of Dreamforce.

Hosted in downtown San Francisco by Salesforce, Dreamforce is an annual, massively attended conference. Bringing together a mixture of thought leaders and professionals, the event has historically attracted over 170,000 people to attend. The focus of the show is often on keynote addresses, training sessions and networking events among many other activities that take place at the conference.

When it came to the topic of expanding the audience for the venue, online proved a natural fit. “Streaming is a huge part of Dreamforce, has been for many years,” said Michael Rivo, Business Director of Salesforce Live. “We put a big effort into driving large audiences for our Dreamforce broadcast. For the past several years we’ve had millions of viewers in real time watching the live stream of the broadcast.”

To help achieve this goal, the underlying technology had to be accessible and reliable while creating an overall high quality production for online viewers. For more information on the infrastructure used to support the large audiences, be sure to download this Live Video Delivery System Built for Scalability white paper as well.