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IBM Think 2020 Digital Event Case Study

IBM Think 2020 Digital Event Case Study

Due to the rapid pace of COVID-19, there has been a need to act with agility, resilience and unity in the face of evolving impacts. On March 19, 2020, with just 47 days before the in-person conference was scheduled to start, the decision was finalized to pivot to an all-digital experience for IBM Think as a result of COVID-19. This would be the first time the event would be online-only.

IBM Think Digital experience resulted in nearly 120,000 registrants and over 170,000 unique viewers. The Think content team took over 2500 sessions that were planned for the face to face event and selected the most impactful 250 sessions that could pivot the message to be COVID-19 relevant as well as engage attendees digitally. Over 45,000 hours of content were viewed by attendees with emphasis on design that would accelerate the transformation of the experience from in-person to all digital. Content was captioned in 7 different languages and delivered with live chats and moderated “Ask the expert” sessions for an audience size that was vastly beyond projected expectations.

Discover how IBM met this challenge through its own technology, leveraging both IBM Watson Media and the IBM Public Cloud to offer a scalable, reliable solution with global load balancing to help ensure a premium viewing experience for all.

Benefits of Live Streaming Webex Meetings to Large Audiences

Looking to stream to a large audience but want to use a familiar program? Are you looking to have event presenters use Webex from home? Have you exceeded your limit on the number of people who can connect to your Webex session?

Through an integration between IBM and Cisco, Webex Meetings or Events can be used to reliably live stream to massive audiences. This includes a host of benefits, from ease-of-use to AI-driven features, and is currently part of an extended free access trial due to the current global crisis.

What Your Business Needs to Know About Video Streaming

What Your Business Needs to Know About Video Streaming

Staying up-to-date with changing technology and evolving employee demands is essential. To better understand how video streaming practices are tied to workplace productivity, IBM, in partnership with Morning Consult, conducted research on employee streaming behavior, device preferences, and priority features. Among the findings: mobile devices are video streaming platform leaders, buffering challenges still disrupt engagement, and closed captioning is a top priority for enterprise streaming.

As global workplaces become more agile, secure enterprise video streaming technology is paramount. IBM dives into the latest trends powering streaming behavior in the workplace in an effort to inform decision-making and help businesses understand how to better engage employees.

IBM Debuts Watson Speech-to-Text Integration with Rodan + Fields

Watson Captioning & Speech-to-Text Integration

In today’s workforce, businesses need to remain agile to support increasingly global teams. In order to stay on the pulse of shifting workplace trends, these large companies are turning to new media and technologies. At IBM, we’re ushering in the future of effective and efficient workplace collaboration with our advanced video and AI technology.

That’s why today IBM Watson Media unveiled new AI-powered Automated Watson Caption Support and Speech-to-Text capabilities to its enterprise video offering. From town halls to training and development seminars, we’re applying Watson’s machine learning capabilities to expedite the distribution of enhanced video content to teams worldwide. These flexible, scalable video streaming capabilities connect enterprises worldwide through live and on-demand streaming video technology — increasing accessibility, streamlining compliance adherence, expediting workflows, and enhancing overall corporate communications.

Rodan + Fields, the number one skincare brand in the U.S. (according to Euromonitor) and one of the fastest-growing disruptors in beauty, is among the first of our clients to experience these enhancements to their global enterprise communications. The company has a range of popular, dermatologist-inspired, clinic-quality products and in 2016, they achieved a major milestone by surpassing $1 billion in revenue. By pioneering a high-tech, high-touch business model that combines the best of retail, ecommerce, and social platforms, Rodan + Fields has more than a million customers and an expansive network of over 200,000 Independent Consultants. Rodan + Fields uses IBM Watson Media’s enterprise streaming solutions to connect with their Consultants, and with our latest features, companies like Rodan + Fields can deliver the best video experience to their employees and Consultants regardless of location.