Offers Exclusive Content to Global Audience for the Holiday Season Offers Exclusive Content to Global Audience for the Holiday Season

SzinhazTV, a Budapest-based media startup, streamed plays from top Hungarian theaters to more than 8000 unique users since its launch in November. The increase in streaming capacity was derived from IBM Watson Media technology on the IBM Public cloud. 

Though an online viewing experience doesn’t equate to watching a live performance in a theater, live-streamed content is a raison d’être once the pandemic ends. Demand for streamed content will continue post pandemic, since consumers welcome the opportunity to experience significant theatrical performances in the comfort of their homes.  

“COVID-19 accelerated our plans to stream content that has long been in development. As we expected, consumers craved the escapism these performances offered during lock down,” said Márk Radnai, founder, SzínházTV. “30 days after launch, the service offered four performances from different theaters and garnered more than 8,000 views in locations spanning the globe.” 

SzínházTV goes behind-the-scenes

In addition to the high-quality streaming content, SzínházTV offers backstage videos and exclusive interviews that shed light on theatrical secrets behind the curtain.  

The success of SzínházTV largely depends on technology. “From building the technology to creating the performances, the IBM Budapest Lab powered the streaming performances in 4K HD quality,” added Márk Radnai. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation across all industries–creative arts was no exception” said Balázs Kereskényi, Director, IBM Budapest Lab, the R&D division of Watson Media. “By using IBM Video Streaming, streams engaging and entertaining plays to homes all over the world. We are proud to contribute to encourage the consumption of culture during such a challenging time.” Offers Exclusive Content to Global Audience for the Holiday Season

Theater with Artificial Intelligence

With the help of PlayerAPI developed by IBM Watson Media, SzínházTV ensures that anyone can enjoy a live theater performance from their own living room on-demand. A cloud-based video platform designed to make live-streaming available to a mass audience in 4K HD, IBM Video Streaming is accessible on desktop, mobile or tablet. The solution relies on IBM Watson and harnesses the power of AI to automatically create subtitles for the broadcast in up to 12 languages.