Support: Phone, Chat or Email

24/7 Support: Phone, Chat or Email

IBM Watson Media is passionate about supporting our customers and their events. We have a thriving, in-house Customer Success team that works closely with content owners to aid them in their live and on-demand streaming. IBM Watson Media will continue to invest in our support infrastructure to better assist IBM Watson Media users. As a result, content owners get access to in-house experts on these solutions, able to assist them during a live broadcast or event regardless of timing.

The support includes assistance over phone, chat and email, accessed from inside an account for IBM’s video streaming or enterprise video streaming offerings. In addition, the IBM Watson Media Support Center is also available for guidance with graphic and video tutorials.

The importance support

For someone who hasn’t mastered live streaming, knowing a team is there to support them for their live broadcast is important. That broadcast could happen at any time, in any timezone, and outside of traditional business hours. As a result, an always available team can be crucial to remove stress when preparing for or even broadcasting an event. This can help to troubleshoot a variety of potential issues to understand the problem and work toward a solution, ranging from Internet connection issues to unoptimized encoder settings. The best strategy for executing a live broadcast involves testing and ample preparation as well. Consequently, support can assist you as you’re preparing your broadcast or doing a test stream onsite.

Even those who have mastered live streaming can benefit greatly from always available support contact. A live stream is both an exciting and stressful event, as anything can happen and viewers will be instantly aware of issues. As a result, when a problem does arise, it helps to find the issue as quickly as possible, understanding options to improve the stream quality or resolve problems.

Support is not reserved for live streaming either. Issues with file uploading or strategizing and understanding features can be great use cases for reaching out to a customer success representative at your convenience, regardless of timing.

24/7 Support chatContacting support

The customer success team can be reached for support from inside an account for IBM’s video streaming or enterprise video streaming offerings. This is done by clicking the “Have Questions Or Need Support?” link that is found at the bottom of virtually every page in the dashboard. Clicking this will offer a search for help articles but also a way to submit a ticket and a support phone number to call as well. Additionally, in the bottom right corner of the dashboard, a chat module can be found. Clicking it will expand the module, allowing for contact information to be provided and a question asked to the support team.

Customer Success team

IBM Watson Media believes in providing more than just a support team. This is why we pair content owners up with Customer Success managers, helping them during the onboarding process.

These managers act as a point of contact and a strategic advisor for your video strategies, taking a role as an internal advocate for your needs while helping you to achieve your desired outcome. They strive to make your live and on-demand video streaming as successful as possible using the IBM Watson Media solutions. This includes discovering the ever evolving features from these solutions, including increasing infusion of IBM Watson capabilities.

Frequently asked questions

Those looking for some quick advice can always consult the IBM Watson Media Knowledge Base. This offers a wealth of articles, over 200 in fact, that can be searched through and are also sorted by topics. Content ranges from getting started pieces to feature specific material, such as how to setup a registration gate. A variety of IBM Watson Media solutions are included as well, from enterprise video streaming to IBM’s ECDN.

Tips, tutorials and guides

For those seeking advice and strategies, there is also a Tips & Tutorials section of our blog. This covers everything from 13 Live Streaming Video Mistakes to Avoid for the superstitious to Video Promotion Strategies. New articles are frequently added, giving general advice to topics related to new features and evolving strategies around them. For those who want a deeper dive, White Papers for Online Video are also available. These range from examining technology in exhaustive detail to industry reports, showing data for how others are using online video.

24/7 Support: Phone, Chat or Email


IBM Watson Media is committed to supporting our customers. The company’s move toward longer support hours helps to empower worldwide events, being there when you need us for your next large scale live stream.

Not already an IBM Watson Media user? Sign up for a free trial and start broadcasting and uploading content today, taking advantage of some of the incredible features such as the ability to create closed captions using Watson and Aspera Connect integration.