IBM Showcases AI-Powered M&E Solutions at IBC 2019

That’s a wrap! Last week, IBM concluded another successful IBC Show in Amsterdam— showcasing its AI-powered and cloud-based solutions for broadcasters worldwide. Amid the backdrop of next-level industry innovation, IBM Watson Media and The Weather Company showcased solutions focusing on engagement and automation services.

Bringing Watson AI to Broadcast Tech

IBM brought the cognitive power of Watson AI to the show, with its IBM Watson Media portfolio. IBM displayed how automatic metadata tagging of video content can fuel faster search and time to air, as well as make content more engaging for viewers. In fact, AI-powered automation makes content creation 50%-70% faster than before, freeing up time for in-house video teams to work on more creative and complex projects. 

Products such as Watson Captioning highlight how AI can produce highly accurate captioning that continuously improves over time, helping audiences remain engaged with video content. IBM also demonstrated how sports broadcasters can expedite content creation as well as power predictive analytics for next-level broadcast commentary, by showcasing our Video Highlights and Player Spotlight technology at the booth. 

Increasing Engagement through Personalization 

The Weather Company’s Max Ecosystem was on full display at the conference. Through its suite of solutions, the Max Ecosystem uses AI to tailor content, including weathercast and traffic reports, to give users the most important information through compelling interfaces. This content can be easily pushed to other channels such as mobile, web, and social using Max Engage with Watson, allowing you to further extend the reach of your content and increase its monetization. Stations that start using Max Engage report an average 15x increase in video views and a nearly 7x increase in monthly revenue after implementing the solution.

All of these technologies came together on the show floor at the “Power Your Own Weather Forecast Activation.” Using the augmented and virtual reality graphics from our Max Weather and Traffic system, attendees presented their own weather forecasts. Digital archives of the forecast were delivered using Aspera’s high-performance, direct-to-cloud transfer technology and stored on the IBM Cloud. Finally, a live stream powered by IBM Watson Media’s Video Streaming platform showcased the end-to-end workflow throughout the conference.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out IBM’s booth! We had a blast sharing all our AI-powered and cloud-based solutions at IBC 2019! Broadcasters continue to look for new ways to improve production workflows and better engage with audiences. To meet these demands, IBM’s weather, traffic and video products and services are creating new ways for broadcasters to capture viewers, power your digital acceleration and drive business revenue. To learn more on how your company can deploy solutions that incorporate AI- and cloud-based technologies request a demo now.