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Inside theCUBE: SiliconANGLE Video Case Study

“The ESPN of technology.” That’s how Jeff Frick, general manager and host of theCUBE, describes his interview show. Founded in 2010 by tech media company SiliconANGLE, theCUBE streams news and interviews from events in Silicon Valley and beyond, and these days it has become must-see programming for tech fans everywhere.

“We go to the big tech events, drop in a live studio and interview the ‘tech athletes,'” says Frick. In 2017, theCUBE will conduct approximately 1,500 interviews from over 100 events. At major annual conferences like AWS re:Invent and VMworld, Frick and his production team will interview as many as 70 tech leaders.

The vast majority of theCUBE’s on-location interviews are streamed live and are also available on demand, along with other in-studio interviews. Some fans of theCUBE tune in via computers or mobile devices for an entire day’s coverage while they’re at work, jumping back to the site when noteworthy tech figures and keynote speakers appear. Event attendees, meanwhile, watch theCUBE interviews when they return from the conference to get additional insight from various executives and customers, Frick says.

Mobile Video Platform with HD Delivery

Mobile Video Platform with HD Delivery

Looking for a mobile video platform?

In October 2016, mobile usage on the Internet exceeded desktop usage for the first time. This landmark occurrence had been a long time coming, and largely attributed to the influence of smartphones (which accounted for 46.53% of Internet traffic versus 4.73% for tablets). The shift in online video is showing a similar trend. As highlighted in our Video Trends to Look for in 2017, 2016’s data had already shown a major shift to mobiles for video content. In fact, for the year as a whole mobiles accounted for an average of 47.32% of video streaming traffic. What was particularly enlightening was the growth in the enterprise sector. For 2015, average mobile usage was just 5.85% for streaming video, while in 2016 that had grown to an average of 28.80%.

This change in dynamic in has painted a picture where content owners in 2018 and beyond have to be supporting mobile users. This article outlines how services are creating content that is mobile compatible, what codecs content owners should be using along with the importance of adaptive streaming and especially live transcoding for live streaming.

Video Metadata Editor and Manager

Video Metadata Editor and Manager

Metadata is a powerful supplement to video content. It enables organizations to more efficiently classify content, using this information for structure, permissions or help develop unique experiences around content types. Metadata can take many forms, from listing a simple description to tying assets to individuals.

To expand on metadata’s growing use, IBM Watson Media has introduced a custom metadata feature. This acts as a video metadata editor for online content, allowing for a huge expansion of metadata fields. As a result, content owners can add fields with criteria such as “multiple choice” or a numeric value to be associated with video content.

This article documents the new feature, along with covering the value of metadata as it relates to video content and its use cases. For more information on the importance of metadata, also please reference our Video Metadata: Management and Tools white paper.