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Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards 2020: Vote IBM

Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards 2020: Vote IBM
The Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards 2020 are now open for voting. Held annually since 2007, the Readers’ Choice Awards has end users awarding exemplary solutions in the video industry. These solutions can range from physical ones, like PTZ or network-controlled cameras, to services that run in the Cloud.

For 2020, IBM has been nominated in these five categories:

  • Closed Captioning Solution: IBM Video Streaming
  • Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service: IBM Video Streaming
  • Enterprise Video Platform: IBM Enterprise Video Streaming
  • OTT Video Platform: IBM Video Streaming for OTT Video Management
  • Webcasting/Presentation Solution (Cloud): IBM Video Streaming


Please show your support by voting for IBM using the link above and a valid email address. You have our sincerest gratitude.

For more information on the awards, including our history at them, please read on.

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