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IBM Video Streaming 2023 Price Increases

Tackling Broadcast Delays and Syncing Issues from Streaming

Please note upcoming price increase on Silver, Gold and Platinum plans:

This blog post provides a notification of a price increase that will go into effect April 3, 2023 for the IBM Video Streaming Silver, Gold and Platinum editions only. The new price will apply to all new orders as well as upgrades and downgrades. However, for customers who purchased plans on the IBM Marketplace via credit card who are on auto-renew status, your price will remain the same. The increase will only be applied to existing accounts if action is taken to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan. Similarly, if a plan is cancelled and then purchased again, the new price will apply when the new purchase is made.

New prices are as follows:

Silver Edition new price: $129 USD (with new overage price of $.65 USD)
Gold Edition new price: $649 USD (with new overage price of $.35 USD)
Platinum Edition new price: $1299 USD (with new overage price of $.25 USD)

The prices for these plans have not changed since IBM acquired Ustream in 2016, however, our costs have increased and we now need to make price adjustments in order to continue to provide the same level of excellent service to our customers.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the IBM Support team.

Thank you.