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Intelligent Captions Made Simple: IBM Watson Media Brings the Power of AI to Closed Captioning

Bringing the Power of AI to Closed Captioning

In the past few years, there has been a major shift towards video content as the primary form of media. Considering this momentum, the importance of closed captioning has only increased. However, delivering closed captions at scale is challenging for media and entertainment companies—they are costly to create, and the manual undertaking can be burdensome to production teams. Surrounding all of this is also the ever-changing compliance landscape, wherein adapting closed captions to meet regional or industrial guidelines can be tricky.

Today, IBM has introduced Watson Captioning, a new standalone offering that helps to solve these challenges. Watson Captioning leverages AI to automate the captioning process, while ensuring increased accuracy over time through its machine learning capabilities. In turn, this saves businesses both time and money, and delivers a scalable solution. Watson Captioning is a customizable offering that provides flexibility and productivity, can be easily managed across compliance standards, and has the potential to transform industries beyond media and entertainment.