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Virtual Event Best Practices – Make it Personal

Virtual Event Best Practices - Make it Personal

Most of us probably have a favorite memory of attending a cookout that offered a wonderful selection of goodies like burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, ice cream, watermelon, and other summer foods. We would pile our plates high, then settle in at the picnic table to share and listen to stories.

What made those such memorable experiences, though? Is there anything that we can learn and maybe leverage in our online venues and events? We explore virtual event best practices by examining ways to make it more personal and meaningful to the end user from a virtual event platform.

Key Virtual Experiences that Inspire Storytelling

Do you remember the first time you sat around a campfire and quietly listened to stories or happily jumped in to share your own? The crackling of the wood, the orange glow of the embers, the smell of s’mores. The laughter. The next day, your jacket smelled a little smoky and you thought back and happily remembered a moment or shared a new story.

COVID-19 changed the way we share stories. Lockdown meant a year of digital “Brady Bunch” squares and, through trial-and-error, learning how to use video and chat, to send a happy emoji, to use Slack and email, and to turn off video quickly when your mother accidentally walks behind you during a new business pitch. We learned to divvy up our attention and jump from digital interaction to interaction. And we’re far from that relaxed campfire moment.